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  • Posted By: Wellston Pawn
  • July 15th, 2019

Wellston Pawn Friends and Family! we have teamed up with some great companies bringing your products that we know and trust. Please visit out links found on the home page in our banner photos.

Legacy Food Storage: 

Be Prepared For Anything With A Long Term Food Supply Perfect For Any Disaster Event, Camping, Hiking, Last Minute MealsOr Simple Everyday Convenience Stock up Today with Safe Nutritional Long Term Quality Food. 
      Legacy meal ingredients are Non-GMO.

·      Legacy is one of the few food storage lines offering Gluten Free Meals.

·      Lowest Cost per Pound of food- Legacy Foods offer the largest serving 
size in the industry.  Some companies only give you 1/3 to 1/2 cup per serving, 
most companies give you 1-cup servings, but Legacy gives you 1-1/2 cups 
to 2 cups per serving!  Even though packages advertised by the number 
of servings sound the same, how much food per serving makes a big 
difference in how much value you are getting for your investment! 

·      Legacy offers 15 tasty entrees, 4 filling breakfasts all made in the USA.

·      Legacy also offers individual items such as fruits, vegetables, meats, 
peanut butter, as well as other specialty items to help add variety, 
extra flavor or the ability to create some of your favorite meals.

·      25-year shelf life when stored properly.

·      Legacy meals are not just for long-term storage, 
but are great for everyday quick meals!

·      Legacy meals are made to be delicious but feel free to add seasonings, 
spice, meats or vegetables to make it to your taste!

Click here for our affiliate page for Legacy Food Storage

Alpha Defense Gear:

Quality Outdoor apparel that protects you from the elements. Sun, Heat, Cold, Wind, Rain, Etc. We personally use the Alpha Faice shields even when mowing just to block the dust and dirt. 

Click Here for our affiliate page to Alpha Defense Gear